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Without treatment, vulvodynia becomes chronic and can last more than six months. Diagnosis of vulvodynia begins with a detailed questioning of the patient about the nature of isotretinoin pills, its connection with sexual intercourse, physical activity. In addition, find out if the woman suffers from allergic, gynecological orany somatic diseases, clarify the obstetric and gynecological history.

After that, an examination is carried out on a chair using mirrors, during which a smear is taken from the posterior fornix of the vagina and isotretinoin online canal for cytological, microscopic and bacteriological studies. In the presence of indications, a virological study (PCR) is carried out. Depending on the results obtained, the patient is consulted by a therapist, endocrinologist, neurologist or psychiatrist. According to statistics, vulvodynia is observed at least once in a lifetime in every tenth woman of childbearing age.


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Taking into account the fact that vulvodynia is a symptom characteristic of many diseases and pathological processes, individual therapy is selected to eliminate it (depending on the result of the examination). For example, with infectious vulvodynia, antibiotics or antifungals are prescribed, and with allergic, the use of antihistamines is indicated. In order to reduce pain, patients are prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, accutane - creams with anesthetics.

During the period of treatment, a woman is recommended to buy accutane pills actions that can cause the formation of microtraumas of the vaginal mucosa (sexual intercourse, the introduction of hygienic tampons, active sports). Reducing vulvodynia is promoted by a diet with a restriction of oxalate-rich foods (celery, rhubarb, sorrel, strawberries, chocolate). With a mild nature of vulvodynia, spa treatment is indicated.